Climate School

Formez vos collaborateurs pour réussir votre transition durable

Climate School est une expérience de formation en ligne qui permet aux organisations d’éduquer leurs employés à l’urgence du changement climatique et de leur donner les moyens de prendre des mesures concrètes dans le cadre de leur travail.

Plus de 130 entreprises accompagnées dans leur démarche de transition durable

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Un parcours d'apprentissage en 3 temps forts

On prépare le lancement !
  • Configuration : choisissez le canal de diffusion de nos contenus, disponibles en 9 langues : sur votre propre système de gestion de l’apprentissage (LMS) ou via notre plateforme numérique Edapp qui vous est dédiée.
  • Personnalisation : la plateforme est à votre charte et nos cours sont disponibles à la carte. Votre Key Account Manager est là pour vous aider à sélectionner le contenu pertinent pour votre parcours d’apprentissage, et au besoin d’en créer ad hoc.

  • Lancement : Votre Key Account Manager est présent le jour J, il s’assure du bon fonctionnement technique et travaille avec vous sur les bonnes pratiques à déployer afin de mobiliser un maximum d’apprenants
Mois 1-2 : « C'est quoi le problème ? »

2 mois pour sensibiliser vos collaborateurs à l’urgence d’agir:

  • 1 journée de formation de votre COMEX en physique
  • Animation de Fresque du Climat dans votre organisation dans le format de votre choix (Fresque de la Biodiversité…)

Exemple: de Janvier à Mars

Mois 3 à 8 : Comprendre votre impact

5 mois pour comprendre l’empreinte de votre organisation :

  • Mesurer son empreinte Carbone
  • Faire un bilan Carbone
  • Cours sur la biodiversité et sur l’eau
  • Définir les actions clés à partir des recommandations de l’ADEME

Exemple: de Mars à Juillet

Mois 9 à 12 : Il est temps d'agir !

3 mois pour former chacun de vos collaborateurs à l’évolution de leur métier face à ces enjeux :

  • 8 cours axés sur des familles de métiers spécifiques (juridique, informatique, achats, finances, RH, communication, etc.)
  • Cours adapté à chacun en fonction de son rôle dans l’organisation avec des vrais leviers d’action.

Exemple: de Septembre à Décembre

Testez notre cours "Agir sur son empreinte carbone" .

Pourquoi choisir nos contenus ?

Disponibles en 9 langues

pour être déployés à travers le monde.

Facile à déployer

Intégrez facilement nos cours dans votre LMS sans avoir besoin d’une expertise interne.

Expérience engageante

Plus de 190 modules d’apprentissage ludiques pour inspirer des actions à tous les étages de votre organisation.

97% d'avis clients positifs

qui déclarent avoir appris des choses importantes utiles.

Adapté à chaque métier

Nos cours sont conçus pour former tous vos employés avec du contenu adapté par métier (RH, Finance, Achat, Supply Chain…).

+120 contributeurs

Co-créé avec des experts et des scientifiques pour garantir l’exactitude de nos contenus.

How it works

Set up

Choose how to display your content, on your existing learning management system (LMS) or via our digital platform, Edapp.
With native content available in English, French and German.


Choose your courses from our catalogue and personalise them. > We help you select the relevant courses to build your learning path. 


A Key Account Manager will work with you and your team to handle the technical aspects + advise on the communication plan with existing templates

    ‘We needed to have our employees attend training so they could all be on the same page, with the same fact-based science as their starting point.’

    Jordane De Villaret
    VP Sustainability, Marketing & Communications, Accor Group

    ‘I am one of the biggest supporters of the Climate School! The program was designed in the same way as our strategy: first understand, then act'

    Daniele Bufano
    Sustainability Transformation Director, Schneider Electric

    "One of the cornerstones of our transformation plan is to encourage everyone to make sustainability a factor in every decision we make."

    Elodie Fenayon
    Circular Economy Director, Saint-Gobain Group

    "We're very enthusiastic about the way employees have taken to the training. In less than six months, more than a third of the company has completed at least one module."

    Isabelle Duvernay
    Head of Communication & ESG, My Money Group

Co-créé avec plus de 120 experts, scientifiques, chercheurs

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Who is Climate School aimed at?

Climate School content is accessible and is aimed at all employees. Depending on the level of understanding amongst the workforce, the content catalogue can be customised to create longer or shorter courses.

Climate School will be introduced by ESG, HR and learning and development departments within organizations that want to educate on the topics of climate, biodiversity, resource scarcity, and the difference between sustainable development and sustainable transition, and empower their workforce to become more environmentally sustainable.

Climate School can be packaged with the Net Zero School and Climate Brief to create a broader content package.

Which languages is content available in?

Content is available in native French, English and German. Subtitles are available in Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish and Portuguese.  Japanese dubbing’s are also available.

Other languages may be developed depending on demand.

How much can I personalise my content?

You can white label all Climate School content. A number of aspects can be customised, from the branding and jingle to the messages and the way you embed the videos.

If you use the EdApp LMS, more custom options are available including logos, banners, buttons, colours and font size and choice.

We can also offer a completely bespoke package that is tailored to the individual needs of your organisation. For more information on our Studio, please contact us.

What credentials do you have?

AXA Climate has a dedicated content team, which reviews and sources content, and a growing team of scientists (climatologists, hydrologists, seismologists, agronomists and a biodiversity specialists) which regularly publishes in peer-reviewed journals.

Externally training modules are also developed with contributions from over 120 researchers, experts, consultants and external professors with international profiles. They are then reviewed and validated by independent readers, themselves experts or scientists.

We work with presenters with strong credentials too. Our English content is presented by Greg Foot, a science presenter in the UK who works for the BBC and has won several prizes.

L’Ecole du Climat has received the patronage of the French Minister for Ecological Transition. The ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition, chose the Climate School to build its low-carbon transition training.
The Climate School was awarded the Gold Prize at the 2023 Purchasing Awards.

The complete list of contributors is available here.

Is your content accessible?

All of our videos are subtitled, and we have paid attention to the contrast to increase visibility. We have not yet passed a formal test of compliance in line with WACG standards.

How do you choose content?

We keep abreast of relevant sustainability news and trends to help inform our content priorities. We continually work with other partners within the ecosystem to make sure there are no gaps in our content.

Each year we send our tentative roadmap to our clients to get their help in prioritizing and adding courses we might have missed.

How often do you update your content?

We produce an average of one new course every two months, i.e. 6 new courses a year.

Each year we carry out a review of all our courses to determine whether it is necessary to update videos, add resources or take into account new standards or regulations.

On top of that we update the course all along the year fixing small typos, or making a wording more precise based on users feedbacks.


How much is the subscription?

It is an annual subscription based on the number of employees within your organisation. Feel free to contact us to know more.


What type of company is the climate school designed for?

We originally built the product with the intent to fix the pain of bringing sustainability “at scale” so our product and our business model are particularly well suited for large companies.

But over time we encountered a lot of organisations of different size and we now works with several dozens of SME, public administrations, universities, NGO… Our smallest clients have around 100 employees, so our model has evolved to cover all those needs.