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Educate your employees about the climate change emergency and empower them to take meaningful action in their jobs with the Climate School online learning experience.

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    "We needed to have our employees attend training so they could all be on the same page, with the same fact-based science as their starting point."

    Jordane de Villaret
    VP Sustainability, Marketing & Communications, Accor Group

    "I am one of the biggest supporters of the Climate School! The program was designed in the same way as our strategy: first understand, then act."

    Daniele Bufano
    Sustainability Transformation Director, Schneider Electric

    "Education is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to enabling positive change. That’s why we have launched a holistic sustainability engagement program and embedded the courses of Climate School."

    Ulrike Sapiro
    Chief Sustainability Offier, Henkel

    "One of the cornerstones of our transformation plan is to encourage everyone to make sustainability a factor in every decision we make."

    Elodie Fenayon
    Sustainability & Circular Economy Director, Saint-Gobain Group

    "We're very enthusiastic about the way employees have taken to the training. In less than six months, more than a third of the company has completed at least one module."

    Isabelle Duvernay
    Directrice Communication & RSE, My Money Group
    Evgeny A. Lukin
    Head of Learning & Development, JLL

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Climate School

Engaging Learning Experience

190+ gamified microlearning chapters to inspire sustainable action across your whole organisation

Tailor-Made Learning Solutions

Personalise your experience to meet your organisation’s specific needs

Effortless Deployment

Easily integrate our solutions into your LMS without any internal expertise requirements

97% positive feedback

97% of our users said they learned something new and useful

Content adapted to all job roles

Our courses are designed to train all employees from all job functions

+120 contributors

Co-created by science experts to ensure the accuracy of our content

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Who is the Climate School aimed at?

The Climate School’s content is accessible and is aimed at all employees. Depending on the level of understanding amongst the workforce, the content catalogue can be customised to create longer or shorter courses.

The Climate School is usually introduced by ESG, HR, and learning and development departments within organizations that want to educate and empower their workforce to become more environmentally sustainable.

Which languages is content available in?

Content is available in native French, English and German. Subtitles are available in Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish and Portuguese, and we have a version dubbed in Japanese. Other languages may be developed depending on demand.

How do you choose the content?

We keep abreast of relevant sustainability news and trends to help inform our content priorities. We continually work with other partners within the ecosystem to make sure there are no gaps in our content. Customer feedback is important to us too and we consider all requests carefully.

What are your credentials?

AXA Climate has a dedicated content team, which reviews and sources content, and a growing team of scientists (a climatologist, hydrologist, seismologist, agronomist, and a biodiversity specialist) who regularly publish in peer-reviewed journals.

Externally we work with over 85 specialist climate, biodiversity, and resources researchers for our scientific modules. All of our content is validated by climate experts.

How quickly can we launch the Climate School’s training program?

The Climate School’s content can usually be launched within one month, depending on the learning management system (LMS) you use.

Created with over 120 experts, scientists, researchers...