Eevie and AXA Climate School join forces to help companies address the growing need for corporate sustainability education

Écrit par Valentina Zajackowski

DÜSSELDORF (GERMANY)/PARIS (FRANCE), 15 November 2023 – Corporate climate engagement platform eevie and sustainability training provider AXA Climate School have today announced a new partnership to strengthen corporate sustainability efforts in organisations all over the world, by putting Climate School content in eevie’s SaaS platform.

With companies shifting attention from the initial steps of the sustainability journey —  namely carbon accounting and strategy definition —  to actively implementing their sustainability strategies, the partnership will jointly address the growing need to inspire and empower employees to make sustainability part of their daily jobs.

The new European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is mandating to around 60,000 companies the education and engagement of key stakeholders, and as part of their shared mission, eevie and AXA Climate School will support corporations to educate their employees on sustainability and involve them in the business decarbonisation. This also comes when an increasing number of employees expect higher involvement in corporate climate action and more corporate social responsibility from their employers.

“Sustainability Engagement platforms are a new segment in the software industry helping to drive day to day action in employees and eevie is a prominent new European player. Our partnership creates a powerful proposition. Putting our content in eevie’s platform helps drive engagement and making this content available helps end users understand why they need to act and how”, said Antoine Poincaré, Head of Climate School at AXA Climate.

The companies have announced their first joint global client in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry. Together with the client’s sustainability team, eevie and AXA Climate School will bring their employees on an initial year-long sustainability journey. Employees from  corporate offices and manufacturing sites will engage with educational content supplied by AXA Climate School and hosted on eevie’s mobile app. Employees will be given content which will highlight different sustainability aspects of the F&B company and join their colleagues in monthly climate challenges designed by eevie, which will complement the learning content and facilitate that learning is put immediately into practice.

“By putting what they learn into daily action and practice, employees will be equipped with skills to help drive the organisation’s carbon footprint reduction. With the behavioural design approach, sustainability becomes an integrated part of the corporate culture, creating a profound impact on corporate decarbonisation.”, said Antonius Willms, Chief Executive Officer of eevie.


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