Resources to equip every member of your team for sustainable action

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In an era when climate change poses an ever-increasing threat, the need for collective action has never been more urgent. Governments and businesses take broad strokes and individuals may strive to adopt sustainable practices in their personal lives, but the impact of individual workers within their professional roles is often overlooked.

The Climate School seeks to address this gap with smart, entertaining, and actionable sustainability training for every employee. By providing resources to upskill employees and equip them for action, Within helps support the mission of making every job a green job.

Find out more about our courses that are designed to support every member of your team drive sustainable transformation for your organisation. Each Climate School course offers concrete actions and inspiration that can have a huge impact on your organisation’s sustainability roadmap.

How facilities management can reduce the impact of infrastructure

According to a study published by Climate Watch, commercial buildings emit more than 6% of the world’s CO2 emissions, which is more than double the figure for aviation and shipping combined. In response to this, Facility Managers are beginning to implement actions to mitigate their footprint, but many are still unfamiliar with concepts such as adaptation, or on-site biodiversity for example.

Facilities management has a key role to play for the planet because the savings that companies can make in the long term are huge, as is the room for improvement. Solutions exist to make buildings more efficient, to improve their quality and to use non-toxic products for maintenance, for example, resulting in benefits for individuals, businesses and the environment.

Written in collaboration with a range of facilities professionals and experts, the I work in facility management course places the challenges and opportunities of the climate crisis in perspective, in the form of seven video chapters, aiming to empower professions with the tools they need to make a difference in the sustainable transition of their organisation.

Within’s expert-backed training provides practical guidance on hard services, such as buildings and their maintenance, and soft services, such as waste management, catering and cleaning services, to help facilities managers adapt to changing environmental demands.

Risk management: global warming scenarios

The AXA Future Risks Report 2022 identified that, for the first time, climate risk topped the list of concerns for risk managers in all regions of the world. As natural disasters increase and intensify due to climate change, the role of the risk manager is more essential than ever.

Regulations and consumption habits are changing significantly too, to achieve our carbon neutrality objectives and these considerations must enter into the risk manager’s equation.

In response, Within has developed the Risk Management course. The new training course helps risk management leaders manage complex issues without becoming overwhelmed by the scale of the complexity.

The course helps risk managers answer important questions, including:

  • How can we best prepare our company for climate risks?
  • What good practices should be adopted?
  • Where do we start and how do we ensure compliance with evolving guidelines?

The new course’s content was developed in close partnership with Arengi, a global leader in Risk Management and Governance, and is designed to support management teams in optimising their risk profile.


Marketers have the power to rethink the design of a product, its price and its promotion. Communication professionals have a responsibility in what they decide to make desirable to consumers. So both have a huge part to play in advancing their organisation’s transition to a post-carbon economy and making sure their company can back up their sustainability claims at every level.

The new course’s content helps marketing leaders rethink the value chain of the product they’re marketing, from its design to its reuse at the end of its life cycle.      The e-training offers practical advice on what sustainable marketing needs to look like, and why it matters for marketing and communication professionals. It also delivers recommendations on how to maintain a positive and consistent ‘green’ brand image and how to limit the environmental impact of operational marketing, both offline and online.

The training will enable learners to both avoid the danger of “greenwashing,” but also build truly sustainable business strategies fully aligned with the latest thinking on delivering positive sustainable change.

Written with inputs from senior marketing professionals, experts and academics, Within’s course Act: Marketing and Communication serves as a single reference point for a marketing and communications professional in any industry to understand the challenges and opportunities the climate crisis presents.

Empowered to ACT

Each of these three courses is part of Within’s practical “ACT” section of the climate curriculum and provides guidance on actions employees can take within the scope of their role to support greener, more sustainable practices. To learn more about ACT or Within’s other offerings, please get in touch.

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