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Who is Climate School/Net Zero School/Climate Brief aimed at?

Our courses have been designed to be accessible to as many people as possible, and are aimed at all employees. The many existing modules and formats enable us to offer customized courses based on the level of knowledge of employees, their business needs and your requirements. They are generally deployed by the CSR, Communication or HR departments in charge of training within organizations.

The aim is to raise your employees’ awareness of climate change, biodiversity, resource scarcity, the difference between sustainable development and sustainable transition, etc., and to help them take action at the level of their job.

Which languages is content available in?

All Climate School content is available in 9 languages. Videos are shot in French, English and German. Subtitles are available in Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish and Portuguese. Japanese dubbing is also available.

Net Zero School and Climate Brief are available in English and French.

L’Ecole du Climat is only available in French.

Other languages may be developed on request.

How quickly can we launch Climate School/Net Zero School/Climate Brief?

Once the decision has been taken to deploy our content, it takes an average of 3 months to launch the Climate School, L’Ecole du Climat and Net Zero School. Climate Brief takes between 1 and 3 months. This period may vary depending on the Learning Management System (LMS) you use and the availability of your internal teams.

How much can I personalise my content?

All our content is available on a white-label basis. Certain aspects of the videos can be customized, such as the integration of your logo, sound and visual jingle. However, video content cannot be modified.

If you use the EdApp LMS or our Witsia platform, other customization options are available, such as banners, colors, size and choice of fonts.

We can also offer customized videos, adapted to your organisation’s specific needs. For more information on our bespoke offer, please contact us.

What credentials do you have?

AXA Climate has an in-house team dedicated to content creation, as well as a group of experts and scientists (climatologists, hydrologists, seismologists, agronomists and a biodiversity specialist) who contribute, proofread and validate the content.

Our various programs are developed thanks to contributions from over 85 researchers, experts, consultants or specialized firms such as [Blunomy]( or Arengi, as well as external professors with international profiles.

All our content is then reviewed and validated by other readers, themselves experts or recognized scientists. The full list of contributors is available here.

ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition, chose AXA Climate to build its low-carbon transition training course.

L’Ecole du Climat  received the high Patronage of the French Minister for Ecological Transition.
The Climate School was awarded the Gold Prize in the Purchasing Awards

Climate Brief was awarded the silver prize at the Deauville Green Awards.

How do you choose content?

We monitor regulatory news and environmental trends to guide our content priorities. We constantly work with other partners in the ecosystem to ensure that there are no gaps in our content. Each year, we send our draft roadmap to our customers to help us prioritize and add courses we may have missed.

Why do you have a subscription model?

The aim is to provide regularly updated content, without our customers needing to reinvest every time we publish new courses or translations; you will automatically have access to the new content as part of your subscription. It is not possible to modify the amount of your subscription according to the modules included in your course.

How often do you update your content?

We regularly produce new content. In addition, every year we carry out a review of all courses and videos to determine whether they need to be updated, resources added, or new standards or regulations taken into account. We also take user feedback into account to correct any small errors.

How much is the subscription?

The amount depends on the number of employees in your company – the price of the license is capped at a minimum of 5,000 users – the programs you subscribe to, and the degree of personalization required.