Climate Brief

A quirky and fun content series that tackles the sustainable transformation for organisations with five-minute episodes to engage all employees and animate training programs.


Climate Brief helps organisations engage all employees, including ones that are more difficult to reach, through the ongoing delivery of relevant content. 

Climate Brief tackles the sustainable transition with a business angle. It translates complex environmental issues through interesting, relatable, smart and humorous bite-sized videos. It can also be used to animate Climate School and Net Zero School training programmes over time.

Subscribing to Climate Brief gives you access to 18 new 5-minute episodes every year.

Each episode deciphers a scientific concept, a preconceived idea or a transition issue. Available in French and English, the episodes are designed to be broadcast on all your company’s internal communication channels (newsletter, internal chat, learning tool, etc.).

To date, Climate Brief has produced 24 5-minute episodes over 4 seasons.

How it works

Who is Climate Brief for?

By the CSR, HR and Communications teams

Climate Brief is for ESG, communications and HR departments within organisations that want to engage their workforce or animate a training programme.

For all employees

Climate Brief episodes are aimed at all employees, whatever their function. The aim is to give them all the same level of understanding.

To stimulate long-term commitment

Because it’s difficult to keep a CSR strategy alive over time, we provide you with a maximum of quality, substantiated and verified content.

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Who is Climate Brief aimed at?

Climate Brief is aimed at all employees, and particularly those who are hard to reach with training programs (because they lack time or because they don’t have a work computer).

Climate Brief will be introduced by communication, ESG and HR departments within organisations that want to empower their workforce to become more environmentally sustainable.

Which languages is content available in?

Content is available in French and in English. Other languages may be developed depending on demand.

How quickly can we launch Climate Brief?

Climate Brief content can usually be launched within two weeks to one month.

How much can I personalise my content?

You can white label all Climate Brief content. A number of aspects can be customised, from the branding and jingle to the messages and the way you embed the videos.

What credentials do you have?

AXA Climate has a dedicated content team, which reviews and sources content, and a growing team of scientists (a climatologist, hydrologist, seismologist, agronomist and a biodiversity specialist) which regularly publishes in peer-reviewed journals.

Externally we work with over 85 specialist climate, biodiversity and resources researchers for our scientific modules. All of our content is validated by climate experts and we work closely with journalists to develop our Climate Brief storytelling and scripts.

Is your content accessible?

All our videos are subtitled and we have paid attention to the contrasts. However, we have not yet passed a formal test of compliance with WACG standards.

How do you choose content?

We keep abreast of relevant sustainability news and trends to create our content. We have chosen to cover a wide range of topics, such as light pollution, weight of emails, eco-anxiety, SBTI and COP 27. We pay particular attention to certain regulatory aspects, such as the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures), the TNFD (Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures) and the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

Our customers are also an important source of inspiration. We contact them directly to find out what topics they would like us to cover in future episodes.

How often do you update your content?

We produce 18 videos per year. Our videos are designed to last at least one year. We may update the popular videos if required and we will delete outdated videos if needed.

How much is the subscription?

It is an annual subscription based on the number of employees within your organisation.