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Understanding environmental issues is a prerequisite for taking action. That’s why we’ve set ourselves the challenge of making this learning process simple, fun and… stimulating!

A new approach to sustainable transition training

At AXA Climate, we have over 50 employees worldwide dedicated to training employees on environmental issues and transforming their jobs. Our aim: to give your employees the desire and the means to become involved in the sustainable transformation of your business.

To achieve this, we follow the same method for all our courses: tried-and-tested scientific arguments, real-life use cases, and careful production fine-tuned by audiovisual experts. All our content is original, designed by our content team, who work in collaboration with experts, researchers, scientists, teachers and others. But good content is not enough.

To ensure the smooth and successful deployment of Climate School and our other formats at your site, our Key Account Managers are on hand to support you every step of the way, and to ensure that your training program lives on over the long term. And because every company is unique, we also offer tailor-made content, adapted to your ESG roadmap.


We see planetary boundaries as a framework within which human activities, especially business activities, must be observed for long-term global sustainability.

We are convinced that organisations must transition to a sustainable business models.

We believe that organisations need to train their employees and stakeholders in order to succeed in that transition.

We contribute to this need for training by offering science based accessible content to your entire workforce.

We know that training alone will not transform companies and the society. There is a growing ecosystem trying to shift we approach things. We are their allies.

Content and science first

A dedicated content team

Supported by contributions from over 120 experts, scientists, professors...

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