Climate Brief

The green web-series to engage your workforce on sustainability topics

Climate Brief is a quirky and fun content series that tackles sustainable transformation challenges for organisations with five-minute episodes to engage all employees and animate training programs.

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to achieve their sustainability strategy goals


Bite-Sized Videos for Maximum Impact

Climate Brief delivers 5-minute episodes that tackle the sustainable transition with a business angle. It translates complex environmental issues through interesting, relatable, smart and humorous bite-sized videos that resonate with all your employees, including those who may be less familiar with sustainability.

By presenting information in an approachable format, we create a common understanding and inspire everyone to take part in your organisation’s sustainability journey.

Overcome Barriers to Training with Mobile Accessibility

Climate Brief offers mobile-friendly sustainability training that caters to the needs of your on-the-move employees. Our videos can be easily viewed on smartphones and tablets, allowing your workforce to access valuable training content at their convenience.

Empower mobile employees to become informed advocates for sustainability, regardless of their location or access to traditional training tools.

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Sustained Learning for Lasting Impact

Climate Brief is a powerful tool to fuel your internal communication plan with white-labeled content on environmental topics. By incorporating our engaging 5-minute videos into your internal communications, you keep sustainability conversations alive throughout the year.

Engage employees over time, reinforce training messages, and foster a culture of sustainability across your organization.

Watch a sample of our 5-minute videos for yourself

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À qui s'adresse Climate Brief ?

Climate Brief is aimed at all employees, and particularly those who are hard to reach with training programs (because they lack time or because they don’t have a work computer).

Climate Brief is generally introduced by communication, ESG, or HR departments within organisations that want to empower their workforce to become more environmentally sustainable.

Quelles sont vos références ?

AXA Climate’s Within has a dedicated content team, which reviews and sources content, and a growing team of scientists (a climatologist, hydrologist, seismologist, agronomist, and a biodiversity specialist) who regularly publish in peer-reviewed journals.

Externally we work with over 85 specialist climate, biodiversity, and resources researchers for our scientific modules. All of our content is validated by climate experts and we work closely with journalists to develop our Climate Brief storytelling and scripts.

Comment sont choisis les contenus de la Climate School?

Nous suivons les actualités règlementaires et des tendances en matière d'environnement afin d'orienter nos priorités en matière de contenu. Nous travaillons en permanence avec d'autres partenaires au sein de l'écosystème pour nous assurer qu'il n'y a pas de lacunes dans notre contenu.

Customer feedback is important to us too and we consider all requests carefully.

Dans quelle mesure puis-je personnaliser mon contenu ?

You can white-label all Climate Brief content. A number of aspects can be customised, from the branding and jingle to the messages and the way you embed the videos.

Quelles sont les langues disponibles ?

Le contenu est disponible en français et en anglais. D'autres langues pourront être développées en fonction de la demande.

Dans quel délai pouvons-nous lancer Climate Brief ?

Le contenu du Climate Brief peut généralement être lancé dans un délai de deux semaines à un mois.