Net-Zero School

Train your employees to become low-carbon transition experts

The Net-Zero School is an e-learning experience for your employees to understand and support the decarbonisation of their clients and your entire value chain.

Our clients are financial firms, consulting groups and big corporates



To meet the Paris Agreement, the economy must halve carbon emissions by 2030. Each sector will transition differently and it is imperative to understand sector specifics to accelerate the low-carbon transition.

Net Zero School training was created to equip your teams with the right level of knowledge on how their clients can decarbonise – from long-term scenarios to short-term business actions.

Choose from a range of modular courses to help your clients’ organisations go beyond net zero, and benefit from our transition strategy examples to create sustainable and resilient business models, fit for the future.

Why Choose the Net-Zero School?

Engaging Learning Experience

Interactive courses for actionable insights and real-world impact.

  • A 10h+ course catalogue with interactive videos, slides, and quizzes
  • Bridge theory and practice for an effective learning experience
  • Comprehensive expertise from AXA Climate and Blunomy

Sector-Specific Courses

Targeted knowledge to help your team better understand each industry’s specific decarbonisation pathways.

  • Gain real-world insights into sector-specific decarbonisation challenges
  • Discover actionable strategies for low-carbon transition in critical sectors
  • Condensed knowledge delivered in just 1h per sector

Effortless Deployment

Easily display the courses via your existing LMS or via EdApp.

  • No internal expertise required
  • Smooth and easy onboarding
  • White-labeling for brand integration

A complementary expertise at the service of the Net Zero School

  • Experts in energy and climate transition.
    Climate scenarios, megatrend and business opportunities
  • Decarbonisation of companies
    Exit & Closure, Optimization, Diversification, Carbon sequestration & Offset
  • Sustainable finance
    Regulations, standards and transition finance products & services

  • Specialist in e-learning
    In-house digital learning material production capacity
  • Pedagogical expertise
    Successful launch of unique learning experience at Climate School
  • Scientific expertise
    Deep knowledge on physical climate risks analysis and adaptation

Try out a short preview of our "Road Mobility" course

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Who is the Net Zero School aimed at?

Net Zero School content was created to provide business knowledge about decarbonization to your teams.

This training aims to give banks, investors, consulting, and financial companies the right tools to better understand the transition of their partners to help their entire value chain to decarbonize.

What credentials do you have?

We worked closely with Blunomy, a consulting firm that specializes in the energy transition, on the development of our Net Zero School content. We take the best of strategic consultancy and training capacities to provide best-in-class content.

AXA Climate has a dedicated content team, which reviews and sources content, and a growing team of scientists (a climatologist, hydrologist, seismologist, agronomist, and a biodiversity specialist) who regularly publish in peer-reviewed journals.

Externally we work with over 85 specialist climate, biodiversity, and resources researchers for our scientific modules. All of our content is validated by climate experts.

How do you choose content?

We work closely with Blunomy to provide strategic and concrete knowledge that enables us to provide business insights to help you accelerate the sustainable transition.

We continually work with other partners within the ecosystem to make sure there are no gaps in our content. Customer feedback is important to us too and we consider all requests carefully.

How much can I personalise my content?

You can white-label all Net Zero School content. A number of aspects can be customised, from the branding and jingle to the messages and the way you embed the lessons.

If you use the EdApp LMS, more custom options are available including logos, banners, buttons, colours, and font size and choice.

Which languages is content available in?

Content is available in native French and English. Other languages may be developed depending on demand.