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Empower your employees to take meaningful action on climate change with the Climate School’s engaging, expert-driven, online training experience.

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Engaging Learning Experience

Purposefully crafted to inspire sustainable action across your organization – from aspiring interns to influential CEOs – our collection of 150+ gamified, microlearning chapters offer interactive and impactful educational content.

Co-created by science experts, our content ensures accuracy and relevance, providing your team with valuable and practical knowledge. As a result, 97% of our users have reported gaining new and useful insights.

Tailor-Made Learning Solutions

We work closely with you to understand your organization’s needs, enabling us to create custom-built courses that align with your specific requirements.

Moreover, our content is thoughtfully adapted to cater to all job roles, ensuring that each employee receives relevant and valuable knowledge.

Effortless Deployment

You can easily display our white-label content through your existing Learning Management System (LMS) or via EdApp, with no internal expertise required.

Our smooth and easy onboarding process ensures a hassle-free transition. This, coupled with the dedication of our customer success team, has earned us an NPS of +70 from our existing customers.

    Education is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to enabling positive change. That’s why we have launched a holistic sustainability engagement program and embedded the courses of Climate School that shed light on the challenges in an engaging and entertaining way.

    Ulrike Sapiro
    Chief Sustainability Offier, Henkel

    The ecological transition is at the heart of Wavestone's strategic plan: we train all of our employees to support our clients in their climate and biodiversity transformations. The Climate School solution combines state-of-the-art content and an engaging user experience.

    Jean-Baptiste Blondel
    Senior Manager Energy & Utilities, Wavestone

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